Phase One: Build Inspiration House

We have so many plans for the historic property at 36 South St, but we need your help to bring them to fruition. Old houses come with a variety of challenges, and the previous owners all but abandoned this home for over a year. Below, you'll find overviews of several projects that need our immediate attention. Any help you can offer is appreciated! 


Replace the sewer pipe - $4,500

A section of the sewer pipe is original cast iron and urgently needs replacing. We have an estimate for the project, but depending on whether or not the damage in the pipe extends beyond the wall, it could become a much more costly and time-consuming project.

Contribute here! (sewer pipe fund)


Contribute here! (AC fund)

Install Air Conditioning - $3,500

Currently, the building has no central AC, but Ohio summers get pretty hot & sticky. We want the classroom spaces to be comfortable for students and teachers alike. On the bright side, we know someone who recently retired from the HVAC industry, and he has generously offered to install air conditioning in the house at much lower prices than contractors can offer. 


Contribute here! (paint fund)

Paint the house - $1000

Inspiration House needs a makeover before it's ready for people to visit. The current paint job is peeling in places, it was applied sloppily, and the colors are pretty dreadful! We'll be doing all the painting ourselves, with the help of a few dedicated volunteers. That way, we save on labor, but the paint itself still isn't cheap. This house has a history, and we want its looks to match.


There are many, many more projects that we will need your help with. For a complete list, please visit the registry we created for Inspiration House. As a thank-you, we will add the name of everyone who supports this project to our donor board in the entryway of Inspiration House.